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Hey There!

Exercising gives me mental clarity. Let's find out what gives you mental clarity so you can journey in purpose. 


Jackie Bobbitt

After finding out that I was pregnant with my first born, it seemed like the timeline to follow my dreams was shortened. The clock was ticking, I had ten short months to make it all happen before I "missed my window." What I thought was an identity crisis ultimately birthed "Mama Fit." I was burdened with the need to eradicate the connection between mom guilt and following your dreams. It was refreshing to grasp the reality of "having it all" without choosing between family and purpose. 

Since then, I've spent countless hours preparing just for you! My love for motivational speaking lead me to pursue a degree in Communications and my passion for arts and fitness lead me to pursue multiple certifications in dance education, personal and group fitness. Using fitness, arts and self-care, I will assist you in eradicating the connection between mom guilt and following your dreams. 

I'm married to my forever love, Kevin, and we have two amazing children, Kyle and Leah. While I humbly serve in many different roles, it is my goal to practice never letting any of these roles become my identity or suffocate my purpose. That's why we're here: to stand in purpose apart from titles without guilt. 

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