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Is that a Baby in the Cloud?

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Buckling down on my fitness journey yet again, I decided to post my progress to encourage myself and others. I was so proud of my consistency and the fact that I was actually making progress within the seven weeks that I had been working towards my "new body." I posted this photo on my instagram July 31, 2019. Little did I know, exactly eight days later I would find out that I was two months pregnant. ::it's okay to laugh, I did too::


Let's rewind to April 19, 2019, it was Passover and my husband(Kevin) and I were attending a service in Vicksburg, MS. During the service, the apostle shared with us that The Lord would bless us with a baby.

Although, we had already confessed that we'd get pregnant in 2019 and the Lord had already been speaking to us concerning a baby...... I was still a little shocked. After hearing it, I thought......."Ok, cool. But that could mean months or even a year from now and plus, I've been working out like crazy!" HA!

We go on with life still not knowing when my womb would bear fruit. Here we are August 3, 2019 headed back home to Mississippi from a retirement ceremony in Valdosta, GA. We were switching between Myles Munroe podcasts and some of our favorite tunes to make the all but scenic route bearable. At some point during the 6+ hour drive, I looked up and saw a cloud forming what seemed to be a newborn baby. Is that weird? Well, it gets weirder. This wasn’t abnormal to me because I always “see” things in the clouds that resemble things I may or may not have seen before. You know how we try to play like we all of sudden don't know the voice of God or ways he speaks to us. I tried to distract myself and pretend like I didn’t see the first image but there was more to come. I then saw a mom breastfeeding a baby, a dad throwing a baby in the air and a dad bottle feeding a baby.

“Okay, God! Are you trying to tell me that I’m pregnant?” I pulled out my phone and made notes of what I was seeing, so I could remember it later. I didn’t share this with Kevin just yet because if I was pregnant, I wanted to surprise him. Days go by and I kind of forget about these happenings and continue my two mile runs and work out regimen.

In this photo, I had just completed my run and “I’m All In” by Maranda Curtis was playing in my headphones. I was turnt all the way up and just confessing and committing to God that whatever was next in my life, I was all in!

The day we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the morning of the 8th of August and I just awake from a dream about me being pregnant. I’m home alone, so I YouTube some “at home” natural pregnancy tests. At this point, yah girl was desperate to know. I tried the vinegar test, the bleach test, the toothpaste test and the sugar test. THEY ALL READ POSITIVE! 😱😱😱Trying not to freak out, I get ready for work and drive 30 miles to teach two ballet classes. After work, I stopped and purchased a pregnancy test. I drive back to Hattiesburg, take the test but apparently didn’t have enough urine in my bladder for the test to read properly. It read negative but I just KNEW I was absolutely pregnant, so I went and purchased two more tests. I took the test and there it was: TWO PINK LINES ON BOTH TESTS!

I burst out into laughter because I cannot believe I am very much so pregnant! “Thank You, God!” Rubbing my belly, I try to figure out how I’m going to break the news to Kevin. I ended up taking him to a local lake and giving him a poem that ended with, “Not as excited as I am for our little one to call you, Daddy!” His response was, “Stop playing!” I then pulled out both pregnancy tests and my big strong rarely emotional husband burst out into tears! I expected him to be excited but now we’re both standing in the middle of the lake hugging and crying and I’m sure bystanders were quiet confused.


For hours, days, weeks and even now, we say……… “We are really about to have a baby!” We were so excited then and even more excited now! Grateful and moved that God considered us to bring life onto earth. What a blessing!?

Four days later we celebrated our 2nd year anniversary! We had planned to wait two years after being married to expand our family….. talk about hitting the nail on the head.

Before traveling to Cozumel to celebrate our anniversary, we shared the news with our family. You can check out their reactions here:

With all of the excitement, I held my belly in every photo we took in Miami, Key West and Mexico. After-all, I was pregnant, right? 🤣🤣🤣 I was only three months pregnant by this time and I still had abs but I was poking out my stomach as much as I possibly could. My husband always made jokes about how I wanted a big stomach so bad and I never understood what he meant until I went back and looked at the photos from our anniversary trip. 🤣🤣